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  • Counseling for Anxiety

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    It feels like worry consumes your thoughts. Worry and anxiety are stopping you from living life the way you want to?

    If this sounds like you, it is possible to get the relief that you deserve.

    Often, these are the symptoms of anxiety:

    • Nervousness, restlessness or being tense
    • Feelings of danger, panic or dread
    • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
    • Increased or heavy sweating
    • Trembling or muscle twitching
    • Weakness or lethargy
    • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about
    • Insomnia
    • Obsessive thoughts about your worry
    • Anxiety surrounding a particular life event or experience

    Therapy can help to uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears, learn how to relax, look at situations in a new, less frightening way, and develop better coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills.

    If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, I invite you to contact me today for a free consultation.