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  • Overcoming Societal Pressures on Becoming a Mother

    We’ve all seen those scenes in movies and TV shows where the mother is pressuring her daughter to have children. Usually, the mother character will guilt her daughter by saying something like, “You’re not getting any younger you know,” or, “All I want is to be a grandmother. Why are you keeping that from me!” 

    These scenes can be funny. Unless of course, you live these scenes in real life! And sadly, many women do live these scenes on a daily basis. If they’re not getting pressure from their mother about having kids they’re usually getting it from a sister or some of their female friends. But this pressure is far from helpful.

    Not All Women are Cut Out for Motherhood

    As a therapist, I have heard all kinds of stories about the relationship people have had with their families. Sometimes these painful relationships result in women deciding to not have children.

    The truth is, not all women feel cut out for motherhood. Some women have it in them and some don’t. Pressuring women to fit a specific mold and have children, just because society deems that the “right” life path is simply wrong. All that does is create families who become broken.

    Speaking to Someone Can Help

    Are you “of a certain age” and feeling pressured by friends and family to have children? Do you feel overwhelmed? It can really help to have someone in your corner that can help you decide what is right for you personally. He or she can then help you set up boundaries with others so that your needs are met.

    If you’d like to speak with someone, please get in touch with me.